Product Development

The development was done in conjunction with Cape Town based design engineers PLUS MINUS ZERO.

They took the GAPFLAP concept from a mere idea to an elegant product that does the job — and looks the part — in both top-of-the-range double-cab or basic workhorse bakkies.

Concepts, Engineers and Clean Slates

To achieve this, the slate was cleaned a number of times to start from scratch. Numerous 3d printed versions were made and tested before moving on to the next phase.

ProAuto Rubber Jacques de Villiers was always ready and on hand with valuable advice from his experience in the trade, and will supply the rubber and other admin services.

Spex (PTY) Ltd is contracted to prepare the moulds and the manufacture the products.

And so, the rest of the journey ends with you installing your first GAPFLAP onto your luxury double-cab or workhorse bakkie.

An Eye for Detail

Each GAPFLAP consist of at least 30 components.
Some components are made of 30% Glass Filled Nylon, while others are made of Rigid PVC, depending on the application.
GAPFLAP is UV protected.
An automotive grade rubber and foam combination is used for durability.
Industrial grade double sided tape.

It is our firm belief that the end result is the very best option in terms of material and design. We absolutely believe in the effective functioning and durability of the GAPFLAP. I am hugely grateful to the contributors thus far and feel blessed to have come across such capable professionals.

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